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Thursday, August 17


Hi, my name is Jen. I like (erm, no make that love) the movie "Clerks".

Hi, Jen

So what is a "Clerks" fan to do? Why, go see "Clerks 2" of course! And where better to see it than at McMenamins, sitting on a sofa with a Rubinator in my hand and the smell of Cajun Tots in the air...

Note: a Rubinator is like a Black & Tan; a pint that is half Ruby Ale and half Terminator Stout. Sooo delicious...

I did not have high expectations for this movie. I wondered, do we really need to see more of Dante and Randall? Does anyone else remember the disappointment that was "Mallrats"? But since the original was so very good (and "Dogma" was so very good too), I just couldn't resist. So I was very pleasantly surprised that "Clerks 2" is a great movie. It is arguably better than the original. There are many, many memorable scenes-moments-quotes...

And you should go experience them first-hand. Now. (Why are you still reading... go see the movie dammit!)

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