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Tuesday, September 5


What a first day of school... we will never forget this one I bet!

A few weeks ago Boo complained that her jaw was sore. It was swollen with a lump, so off to the doctor she went. They thought she might have an infection in her salivary gland, and prescribed antibiotics which seemed to help. Then last week it came back. This time the doc gave her more antibiotics but also ordered an ultrasound. This revealed a "cystic nodule" on her salivary gland... so she was referred to an ear, nose & throat specialist and surgeon (ENT). That appt was today - the first day of school.

Took her to school this morning so she could get "moved in" and acquainted. Then off to the doctor we went. He took a look at the tests and looked at her, and has recommended that the lump be removed since it (a) shouldn't be there to begin with and (b) is causing her discomfort. (It's a good sized lump - you can see it pretty clearly even though the swelling is down again.) BUT - because of the location of the cyst and her age he wants her to see a pediatric ENT surgeon.... in Portland. They will also be testing the cyst after it comes out to make sure no additional treatment is needed.

So... now we are waiting to hear back from the next doctor. Boo is such a cool little cucumber, she is just bopping from place to place, always with a smile on her face. She got to ride on a pretty cool chair at the ENT in Bend, and initially was to have a CT today but was cancelled because the doc in Portland wants to take a look at her first. She was a little bummed about that because we were getting a "tour" of the machine when the doc called to cancel and she was very excited for her "ride".

Now she is back to school for the rest of the day.

So folks... please keep Boo in your thoughts!!! We appreciate your positive thoughts and hope sent our direction as this apparently is a pretty complicated procedure.

Update: We just found out her appointment will be Sept 21. She sees the doctor at Doernbecher first, then will go over to OHSU for an MRI.


Wendy said...

When does she see the doc in Portland? I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Oh, good luck, Boo! What a trouper.