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Tuesday, September 5


Scott and I went on a little vacation this weekend. It was his birthday on Thursday, so we drove down to visit family in Klamath Falls.

He played golf with his dad that evening; his mom and I drove their cart and they got 9 holes in. They played another 18 holes on Friday morning. His mom and I went to a quilt shop in Merrill, the "Tater Patch".

Friday afternoon, we headed over to Jacksonville. We aren't really "B&B" people, so we rented a small cottage. It's named "Dawson Cottage" and it's across from the fire station, about a block away from the shopping area. The cottage was wonderful and I would highly recommend it if you are ever traveling to the area. The house has 2 bedrooms, living area, and a small kitchen. It's fairly old and the floor is uneven... so the bathroom is slightly "down the hill". There was a nice area in the back, with adirondack chairs and a table.

On Friday night we had dinner at "The Bella Union". It is a great restaurant with lots of variety. Scott had a pizza (he could live on pizza) and I had lamb. Everything was delicious and the drinks were great. The wait staff is very friendly.

Saturday morning we took my grandfather out to breakfast and visited during the morning. That afternoon we met up with an old childhood friend of Scott's. We checked out the Saturday market and then went back to the cottage since it has A/C and the weather was a "brisk" (ha!) 100+ degrees.

That night we went to the Susan Tedeschi and Subdudes concert at the Britt Pavilion. It was such a good show. We talked to a lot of people who have "done" Britt before our trip, and decided to get a line-sitter. That was a very good decision as we were able to get a spot in the lawn below the reserved seats, very close to the stage.

The 'dudes rocked - they are a zydeco-style band from New Orleans. A couple of songs are getting radio play now - "Papa Dukie and the Mud People" and "Social Aid & Pleasure Club". It's a really fun group and the crowd was really with them. I wore my tie-dyed tank top and got a nod from the group for doing so.

Susan Tedeschi is a blues singer and guitarist. She is one of Scott's favorite singers so there was no way we were going to miss her show! She is an amazing musician and we really enjoyed her act.

On Sunday morning Scott decided to play golf with his childhood friend's hubby, so I returned to visit my grandfather some more! He is a great storyteller. His memory is still very good and it's interesting to hear him talk about his experiences. Grandpa was in the navy during WWII. He was stationed on the "Balch", which was the flagship for "Enterprise" during that time. It was really nice to be able to spend more time with him, as he has been pretty lonely since my Grandma passed in January.

Sunday afternoon we headed home via Eugene, so we could stop and have dinner with Scott's older (20-year old) daughter. Yeup he is one old dude. ;) It was nice to see her; we also met her new boyfriend and he seems like a good guy.

Sunday night we finally got home. We had hoped to make it in time for AFI but were too late. (Too bad, sounds like it was an excellent show.) Monday was lazy in the morning, then we finished prepping the house for the painters (exterior). Woo-hoo they are starting today!

So... a very good weekend, and what I needed to get my mind off Boo's stuff for a few days and a bit of calm before the storm. We really needed the time away from Bend, and it was perfect!

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Lucky said...

Sounds like you had a really busy weekend! Can't believe I didn't see you even though you were in Jacksonville!

To make up for it you can send me your mac screen...I will be waiting.