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Monday, September 18


Scott is a golfer. He would play a round of golf every day - maybe even two - if he had the time and the money. He plays well, too. He has a respectable handicap and everything. In a nutshell... Scott loves golf.

I play golf... mostly because that means I get to spend time with Scott. I am not very good at it. In fact, putting the words "good" and "golf" in the same sentence really isn't appropriate - I suck. But since I don't keep score that doesn't really matter to me. My favorite things about playing golf (other than spending time with Scott) are:
1. Driving the cart.
2. Drinking beverages from the beverage cart. In fact, I have found that the proper air-to-alcohol ratio has a positive effect on my golf game. (But it has the opposite effect on my cart-driving abilities.)

Anyhoo... we played a round with some friends this weekend out at Crooked River Ranch, which is about 30 minutes North of Bend. It was fun to hang out - the guys are both pretty good, so we girls just hung back, scooped up our sorry drives and played "best ball". The weather was cooperative and I think everyone had a good time.

I almost made par for the first time - twice. Under my own golfing power. It felt pretty good! (They were both short par 3's... but hey I will take what I can get!)

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