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Wednesday, November 8


What are the ad agencies in Central Oregon smoking? Who are the ad wizards that come up with this hogwash?

Yesterday I posted Stinky's reaction to the Jerry's Outdoor radio spot for snow blowers.

Then I heard the new ad for Norwalk (the Furniture Idea).

A woman is welcoming her hubby home from work, with the announcement that she is pregnant. Very pregnant. Yes boys and girls it's a miracle, she went from skinny jeans to a seven month belly in a matter of hours.

She indicates that now that she is preggers they need a newer, comfier bed. And more calming decor. They need the best for their baby, after all. And where can they get all this? At Norwalk, of course!

But there is no baby. She has stuffed a pillow into her shirt in order to trick her hubby into buying the new furniture. But don't panic! It turns out that the hubby happened to see the bedroom furniture and likes it too, so they can run right down to Norwalk and buy it.

After he reminds her to remove the pillow.

Oh but that isn't the worst part of this ad folks. Not by far. After hubby agrees to go, the woman asks:

"While we are out, can we get a baby too?"

I can't tell you how loud this ad makes me want to scream. They have got to be kidding, right? Not only does this ad not inspire me to visit the Norwalk store... I avoid it altogether!


Wendy said...

I have some end tables that I want to replace, so I'll let you know how the pillow trick works out. I'll skip the baby though, I have enough of those.

Lucky said...

maybe the trophy wife demographic is their target market? No? okay...yeah I wouldn't go their either

Jen said...

Wendy, I think we should hold a protest on Norwalk like the Best Buy prank... it would be something to see a bunch of women with pillow pregnancies, browsing their store. Any takers?

Trophy wives? In Bend? (Oh yeah, I gues that's the target dem for the fake bo*b ad too...)