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Tuesday, November 7


In honor of Election Day... I am not posting anything political. Just vote, OK?

Yesterday, while I was driving the kids home from school, we heard an ad for Jerry's Outdoor. It's that time of year, when we Bend-ites need to consider our snow removal needs. (Hopefully some time before that first big storm!)

The spot started with a woman observing that it was snowing hard, and there were already six inches of snow in their yard. She tells her hubby that the forecast is calling for two feet of snow. She insists that he should really start shoveling.

So that tomorrow she can get her truck out of the driveway and go shopping. (That's right, shopping. Because no one in the target demographic for that ad in Bend actually has to get their car out of their driveway to go to work or drive kids to school on a snowy morning... apparently.)

The ad continued, with the announcer describing the benefits of having a snow blower (purchased from Jerry's) so that darling hubby wouldn't have to miss a moment of the big game showing on his big-screen TV.

And that's right about the moment when Stinky asked,

"Why does he have to shovel the driveway? Why doesn't she shovel it herself? She's the one who wants to go shopping!"

And the words "go shopping" were in a snobby voice, mimicking the snobby lady in the ad. That's my boy...


Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

That's hilarious! I agree with Stinky, why doesn't she shovel it herself? Local ads crack me up. "YOU WANT CHEAP INSURANCE, YOU'RE NOT RICH, CHEAP CHEAP INSURANCE!!!" Oh I hate that one every morning.

Wendy said...

Perfect answer, Stinky!

Plus, who wants to go out shopping on an icky day. Stay in, have a beer, and watch the game.

Jen said...

I agree, local ads are funny... in a really sad and peculiar way. (Stay tuned for ad rant, part deux, on tomorrow's post.)

Wendy, I am with you on staying in! I want nothing more than to stay in by the fire and watch the crazy weather from inside my nice cozy warm house! But instead of beer, why not a nice cup of hot coffee (with a shot of kahlua or hazelnut espresso vodka)!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

A better ad would be: buy a snowblower so you can get your driveway done quickly and be the first on the mountain! Fresh tracks, baby!

Jerri Gillean said...

Go Stinky!

Now I just wonder, will he say that when it is his own wife wanting him to shovel snow? Or will he get smart and move where it only rains.