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Monday, January 29


A co-worker, Lewis, is starting up a usergroup for all of you sys-admin-type folks here in Bend:

Welcome all to the first Central Oregon Systems Administrators usergroup meeting. This is the place where Sys Admins can come together to exchange information, explore new technologies and network. The goal of this first meeting is to meet and greet. Those that will be interested are Systems/Network Administrators and Engineers that manage and maintain data centers and closets ;), storage area networks, directory services, mail, DNS, networks, security, and anything in between (OS and hardware agnostic).

The first meeting is currently being planned for February. He's a sharp guy, so anything that he is planning should be good! Click here for the full announcement!

1 comment:

Jake said...

OOooo....I might be all over this one (as I deal with SysAdmin more than I do web stuff, I think).