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Monday, April 2


Via Andrea's Monday Mission... this week's challenge is to write a post in the reverse of traditional blog format.

I was full in the best way. The type where a pleasant warmth rises up from your core, but not so stuffed that it hurt to move. The last few bites of chocolate and freshly-made Bailey's flavored ice cream hit the spot but I was very glad that the other goodies on our dessert plate - cookies and some peanut brittle - could be boxed up and enjoyed at home... much, much later.

It was one of those truly great dinners, I had decided. When a server brought the food to the table she asked, "You really don't know what you are getting? That is so cool!" The risk was worth it. The trout dish selected by the chef was done very well, and was something I wouldn't order for myself. It was accompanied by a delicious rice dish. The beurre blanc sauce was slightly sweet and light, enhancing the flavor of the fish well. Scott's pork chop and mac & cheese tasted as good as it looked too. With a second apple-pear martini at hand I dove into the dish and savored every bite.

When the second "surprise nibble" appeared I was impressed again. We were served a black-pepper pasta made into a ravioli, filled with a marscapone cheese mixture, served with capers and sun-dried tomatoes. Delicious and tantalizing - I wanted more. I had been considering the pasta dish from the menu but now was undecided. I made a big decision - and asked our server to find out what the chef recommended. They were more than happy to oblige.

Shortly after my first apple-pear martini and Scott's beer were served our waiter reappeared with a surprise. The chef had prepared a special amuse-bouche for us - a seared diver scallop served over an asian slaw with mandarin oranges. The sauce was slightly sweet and the scallop was creamy. Yummm... if everything was going to be as good as this starter then dinner would very good!

The timing couldn't have been better. After a somewhat stressful first few days of the week we decided that it was finally time to use the gift card for the Blacksmith Restaurant that was given to Scott. We had originally planned to go on Wednesday night but found out that a friend recently started there, and would be cooking on Thursday. He strongly recommended that we change our plans and come in on Thursday. So we did!


Andrea said...

This entry made me hungry.

Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Awesome Post! I like the Blacksmith a lot. The Pork Chop with Mac n Cheese is amazing. You really can't go wrong there. It's all great. I have to dip into my retirement fund in order to afford it...I need friends that give out gift certificates to the Blacksmith!

The deserts!!! oh man!!! Gold!

Carrie said...

Oh that post made me so hungry!! I have been searching for a great Mac n Cheese (just ask Sim!) so maybe I will have to try that when we come to Bend in a couple weeks.

I love the "written in reverse" style in this post. But it is written so well, you almost don't notice. Nicely done! I just gotta ask; did you write it in that order, or reverse it once you were done?

Jen said...

It's good to have friends in places, BOR! I am surprised that you don't have restaurants offering to comp your meals in exchange for a review. Oh... but you are anon... bummer dude!

Carrie, if you like Mac n Cheese then you guys should try the Bistro Montage in Portland. It's on the east side, kinda by OMSI. (I blogged it waaay back when we used to go to the PDXCFUG: I didn't try the mac n cheese... but can vouch for the Bloody Mary which is a meal in itself!

And yes, I wrote it in that order. It was hard, but fun. I am glad you liked it!