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Wednesday, April 18


I have been meaning to try The Sparrow Bakery for a while now. Today the timing finally clicked and I stopped in on my way to work after an errand.

First of all... Stumptown Coffee!! I am so glad that more shops are picking up their coffee as it's one of my favorites (along with Allann Bros.). I had a "regular" coffee which is brewed with a French Press. It was delicious, smooth and served piping hot. I brought the Sherpa the usual - a soy mocha - and it got a thumbs up as well.

I was also ready for a late morning snack so while I was waiting for the coffee I perused the deli case. They have a lot of unusual items, and some standards with a unique twist. I decided on an Ocean Roll.

Does anyone know what is in those? If you haven't tried one... I think this tasty treat alone is worth the trip. It looks similar to a cinnamon roll. At first bite I noticed something extra in there that gives it a savory kick. So you get a little sticky sweetness followed by some (extremely mild) peppery/herby heat, and a savory aftertaste. In the end my sweet tooth was satisfied without that overpowering need to drink a huge glass of water to wash away the sugary aftertaste. (Yeah, I am weird that way.) It was




The proprietors are laid back and friendly. They are getting ready to expand and it sounds like there will be additional seating (indoors and outside) as well as space for outdoor music during the summer. Which is good because their current space is TEENY - only four tables with little standing room.

So... on the days when thump is just a bit too crowded (yeah, it's getting there) I would recommend giving Sparrow a try.


Live on the Fly Studio said...

Try Sparrow's Smoked Salt Bagel, wtih cream cheese, bacon and smoked salmon. Maybe a little too smokey, now that I look at it on page. But it was sooo yummy!

Just a cuppa lovers. said...

The "kick" is the cardamom. The Ocean Rolls rock, don't they?! I LOVE them.

I'm so trying that Salt Bagel now.

Jen said...

MMmm... salt. :) Might have to give that a try soon.

Cardamom! That's it!!!

Now how will I decide between the bagel and the roll? Maybe one of each? ;)

Just a cuppa lovers. said...

I went to the Sparrow Bakery today and asked for the Smoked Salt Bagel and the girl said they didn't have anything called that. :( They do have a salmon and cream cheese bagel but it's not smoked.

I was so bummed.