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Monday, May 21


Via Jen Pondo's Monday Mission... minutes of the drive back the coast.

Friday, 5/18/2007 1:00pm

Meeting Manager: Jen

Attendees: J.J., Thing 1, Thing 2

Special Guest: Moogy

Meeting purpose: Feed and transport attendees from Camp Magruder (near Garibaldi, OR) to Bend.

Leftover snacks from previous meeting were divvied up among attendees for consumption. Gameboy "DS LITE" devices and cell phones that had been confiscated by the meeting manager at the end of the previous meeting were returned to their owners.

Today's discussion
Attendees had minor conflict regarding size and status of window opening. Meeting manager overrode consensus and allowed window to be open. This was decided in order to address concerns about carsickness expressed by Thing 1.

Attendees took a brief recess. The meeting manager was kept awake by snoring emanating from the back seat.

Scheduled guest appearance was slightly delayed by a train. After the guest arrived the attendees enjoyed a ride on Salem's Riverfront Carousel, running around on the playground, and a short walk around the Riverfront Eco Earth. Meeting manager and special guest enjoyed a short chat while the attendees romped!

The topic of who would be "boss" in Super Monkey Ball session was discussed, with decision that the responsibility would rotate between attendees. This worked out better in theory than in practice.

Brief moment of panic erupted when Thing 2 could not find their money for their Dairy Queen treat. Money was found and all attendees were sufficiently "sugared up".

Attempted negotiations, pleading, and general whining at the meeting manager about music selection failed. (Darnit, if I have to drive, then at least I get to pick the music!)

"Dam" jokes were made in the vicinity of Detroit, OR.

Smelly sleeping bags, articles of clothing, and other belongings of Thing 1 and Thing 2 were unceremoniously dumped onto the sidewalk in front of their elementary school.

Attendees dismissed at 5:30pm.

Action Items
Meeting manager determined that a thorough cleaning of the meeting space is required.

A long sleep-in was ordered for Saturday morning.

Hug own children more often, as they really are well-behaved little buggers.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Love the post! --- I often think that about my kids, when I've been babysitting others'. (I'm in a babysitting co-op.) My kids are pretty good little buggers!

Jennifer said...

I just posted my Minutes as well (yay for the Jennifers!) but yours was better than mine. :) Love the Action Item -- I need one like that for my meeting space. LOL.

-- Jennifer (Faking It)