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Thursday, May 24


Dear Omar,

Regarding your comment on my blog:
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Thank you for your feedback and your praise of my blog post. Especially nice to hear that you thought is was "good written"... nice of you to say. However I really don't appreciate your attempt to use my blog to advertise your condos. I am sure they are beautiful, but that just isn't what this blog is about.

Therefore, due to an increasing volume of comment spam like yours, I have enabled moderation on this blog. Don't get me wrong... I love hearing my readers' reactions, thoughts, and best of all praise! ;)

However I am not interested in links to real estate sales, time shares, and other unrelated material.

If it's a legitimate comment I will make every effort to approve your comment in a timely manner. Heck, I will even approve comments that link to similar content on other sites. But if the link is totally unrelated, don't even bother.

Thanks for your understanding.



Wendy said...

Sure, pick on poor Omar!

I wonder if his condos are good built.

Dave G. said...

Omar's mother dresses him funny!

Live on the Fly Studio said...

I think Omar is the one who told me my hard drive died. Omar was wrong.