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Thursday, May 24


Since I hadn't had a martini in at least a month (yeah, that would be when Sim and family were in town... they are such trouble makers!) I convinced the RHPB to stop in at the Martini Bar with me after dinner last night.

We caught the last bit of the KouseFly show, said "Hi!" to Mrs. H, but didn't see BOR there. Bummer, dude - I really was hoping to stalk him and "the wife". ;)

Not feeling adventurous (I just wanted a martini, darnit) I ordered a lemon drop. As always, it was brilliant. Nice and tart, with just enough sugar on the rim. Yummy!

The only drawback to that place is that they never have good beer. And since the RHPB is not into cocktails, he has to put up with whatever sorry bottle of beer they happen to have on hand that day. Last night it was MacTarnahan's Amber. Meh! So here's my message to the martini guys: PLEASE get some decent beer in the house, so that I can come to your place more often and spend more money on your lovely and delicious cocktails.

Pretty please!!!


shannon said...

are you sure your hubby isn't BOR? Good to see you!

Jen said...

It was good to see you too! Yeup, I am sure. I *wish* we ate out as often (and as well) as BOR. Sigh...

Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Funny, I didn't see you there either...or did I?