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Thursday, August 2


In case you haven't heard yet, there's a fire burning near Bend. Actually, not far from our house. Which means the 'hood is really hazy. Made me glad to go into work this morning, just to get away from that icky burnt smell*.

On the other hand, all I really want to do is go home and lie down. My throat is itchy, my sinuses hurt, and I am sneezing forcefully. Seriously, I almost deafened the Sherpa with the last one. I tried the curry method** of getting things flowing, and while it tasted awesome (yeah! I could taste it!) it did nothing to help stem the tide of the oncoming headache.

Keeping mind focused on one good thing - vacation next week. It will be good to see the Mouse. Four days and counting...

*While I love the smell of a good campfire, the smell of forest fire smoke over a period of 12 hours is just not the same. sigh...

**Red Curry Chicken from Thai on the Fly. They use a little bit of coconut milk and some pineapple. Yummmmm... so good!


Just a cuppa lovers. said...

He called me yesterday on his way home and said, "Where's the fire coming from?" I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I looked out our back door. Wow. Big, close-looking, and lots of smoke.

My lungs hate it. I feel your pain!

Little Things said...

Yuk. I hope they can put the fire out soon. Two summers ago there were big fires north of where we live, and we had ash coming down like a light snowfall for a few days - and the smell.


Curry sounds great, btw.

Maybe try a bunch of wasabi next? Might as well have sushi tomorrow!

John Wilker said...

"I am sneezing forcefully"

Does that mean when you sneeze, batman (Adam West edition) sounds pop up out of thin air,

BAM! Ka-POW! Zowee!


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

We went to the fair this afternoon and watched the bombers flying out toward the new fire. Not sure where that one is. They were flying toward Mt. Jefferson.

I hope you feel better soon -- and HAVE FUN with the mouse!