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Thursday, August 30


Tonight's gonna be a loud one. As I type, a huge storm is rolling overhead. Thunder is shaking the house, and rain is pounding down. It's so heavy, and the drops are so big, that I can hardly see across the street.

We haven't cleaned our gutters yet. Water streamed out of every corner and down the sides of the house. Some even flowed down the chain, like it's supposed to.

According to the weather reports and doppler, this one's gonna last a while. I am kinda glad! I like the smell of rain and I love a good storm.


dkgoodman said...

We got it here, too. The whole works. Pouring rain. Thunder. Lightning. Hail the size of garbanzo beans. Whee!

What's the chain supposed to do?

Jen said...

Just after posting this, we lost power. It just came back (9:30pm). Just in time for bed, yay!

The chain is instead of a downspout. It's really cool during the winter, when ice forms all around it.

Wendy said...

We lost powers for a couple of hours too.

I have chains for downspouts, and I love it when they get full of water and then freeze. They're so pretty.

Occidental Girl said...

Yes! I love rain and thunderstorms, too. For a few minutes yesterday it came down so hard it was blowing in sheets off the neighbor's roof. My daughter and I stood watching it happen, loving every minute of it.

She was scared of the thunder and lightening the first night, but after seeing how much my husband and I liked watching the sky show, she adopted our attitude. Thank goodness, because otherwise she would've been up crying and upset all night long! It's the little things that help.