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Thursday, September 27


Today I saw something that made me chuckle.

I was driving through town and when I stopped at a red light a car pulled up next to me. In the window was a big sticker that said, "Hang up and drive". Guess what? The driver was yakking away on her cell phone.

But it gets better. There was a flag ornament on her radio antenna, and another dangling from the rear view mirror. She pulled ahead of me and I saw another flag in the back window. And there were stickers all over the rear bumper proclaiming that she was a "Proud American" and the like.

And then... one bumper sticker that said "Thank God for Wal-Mart". You know, that place where you can buy all things made in China.

People are funny critters.


Keeneye said...

now THAT is funny

CuJo said...

I think they call that Bumper Sticker Social Consciousness.

Live on the Fly Studio said...

I like it when I'm driving down the Parkway and I see a car that has a bumper sticker "Stop the Parkway."