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Wednesday, September 26


Happy birthday, Stinky!!!

That's right, the Stinky one turned twelve today.

To celebrate? He had a couple of friends over to hang out and play video games and foosball for the afternoon. I was allowed in the room for the purpose of delivering food, but other than that I was... er... excused. They had some pizza, root beer, watermelon (there are rinds so I know someone ate a little), and cookies. Nope, he didn't want a cake. He didn't want us to sing either. But he still liked the presents and enjoyed the chance to "hang" with the guys.

I put the MBP up there for a little while with Photo Booth running. They took some pretty funny pictures so I burned CD's for them to take home. That is a cool party trick, thanks for the idea Rassmass!!

The verdict? Preteen boys smell. Bad. And not just their feet, either. It's a whole body aura thing. Pretty gross! They also like to talk about blowing things up. It doesn't matter how nice and well mannered a boy appears to be - he still likes to talk about blowing things up. With grenades (especially German ones?!) and machine guns.

But overall it was a quiet afternoon for me. I managed to get some housework done, and they pretty much did their own thing. MUCH easier than a girls' birthday party - now that's a lot of work!

P.S. When I delivered the food I managed to sneak in some really cute "Happy Birthday" napkins decorated with dinosaurs wearing party hats. Left over from maybe birthday #5? I am mean like that.

Happy #12 dude... Love you!

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Wendy said...

The napkins totally make me laugh. Happy Birthday, Stinky!

Ok, on the 12 year old boy smell? Yeah, they stink, but until you've driven for 3.5 hours with a herd of 14 year old girls who just play soccer, you've smelled nothing but roses. When they took off their cleats and shinguards, I think the inside of my car may have melted. I swear I can still smell that smell 4 years later.