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Wednesday, September 26


As just about every other blogger in town has pointed out, there is a new "fun read" in town - Sally Heatherton's blog.

Sally is not just a Bend realtor, she is also the wife of a celebrity! Her husband is a popular TV personality, Bob the Builder.

I spoke with Wendy (Bob's co-star, not the blogger). According to her bio on the popular TV show's website Wendy is "Bob the Builder's reliable and tech-savvy business partner and friend". I asked her about her friendship with Bob, and here is what she had to say:
Since Bob's marriage to Sally our relationship has become strained. Sally is extremely jealous and controlling. It's a very emotional time for me right now. I have taken on a lot of extra duties, including the maintenance of Scoop and Lofty. Bob has been spending a lot of company money on Priuses and other unnecessary expenses to keep Sally happy. Sally dislikes being associated with the "dirty" side of the business and makes a lot of high-maintenance demands.

Recently I "rescued" Bob's cat Pilchard after Sally threatened to take "that mangy, howling creature" to Bend Spay & Neuter. Apparently he scratched her teacup chihuahua. The poor animal just doesn't understand, and wanders around looking for Bob.
Poor kid! I suggested she join us at a future WoTech meeting and she agreed that it would be nice to make some new friends.

Since Sally is not listed in the Bend White pages I left a comment on her blog, inquiring about her feelings regarding Bob and Wendy's friendship. At this time she has not responded.

According to Bob's agent, the show's theme song will be updated to reflect his change in circumstances. The old tagline was, "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" Starting next season the cast will chant, "Can we fix it? For a price!"

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Anonymous said...

Jen, you're such a dear to think you're the first one to call my husband, "Bob the Builder."

Years ago, when his workers started singing at him, I told Bob he should start going by "Robert," but he just laughed and said, "Bob's my name."

Men aren't very good with their image, really. You have to watch them to make sure they are projecting well. I don't know how many times I've had to comb that man's hair on the way out of the house.

By chance, are you and your common-law husband looking for a "green" house? I'm sure a technical woman such as yourself could appreciate the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Sally Heatherton