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Wednesday, November 7


I love breakfast. I don't always eat it in the morning like I should, but I do adore it so... bagels, bacon, benedict, biscuits & gravy... all "B" words. How silly is that?

Boo and I have a little arrangement. If she is up and at 'em and ready to head out the door when it's time for the big kids to go to school on Wednesdays, then we go out to breakfast together. She is about as much of a morning person as I am, which is to say she isn't. So one day a week is about as much as we can muster.

Since she has to be at school in Redmond by 9am we have been trying out places up there. And I think now we have tried them all. Yes, that would be all three of them. Apparently Redmond is not a breakfast kind of town.

We tried Starbucks - completely unsatisfactory due to the complete lack of hot food items. The Country Nook is good for food and service but the coffee... eh, not so good. And the Mustard Seed was good but a little disappointing. Their sign says they have the best breakfast in Redmond and they are probably right due to complete lack of competition. I was hopeful that some of the other places in Redmond offered breakfast. We checked out all the new places at the Fred Meyer shopping center but none of them were open. We tried Local Grounds and Cross Creek - same deal.

So... I ask my Redmond readers "what gives"? Where do you go for breakfast in Redmond? And please don't leave me stranded by saying "Shari's" or "McDonald's". That might just break my heart.

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