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Friday, December 28


Genetics are a real bitch some times.

When we found out that my cholesterol still sucks, my LNP urged me to take Stinky to his doc to get his checked. Boo can apparently wait for a couple years. Last week he had his blood drawn, and the doc called me today with the results.

The magic number is... 340.


He referred Stinky to a pediatric cardiologist. So begins Round 2... I am so glad we have good insurance!

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Occidental Girl said...

Holy cow. I can't believe how high that is! Poor kid. I'm sorry you are dealing with that. Good luck with the doctor's appointment and hopefully something easy will be found to fix it.

My friend is a runner and a tiny, tiny woman. She has high blood pressure, even though she is super healthy. Not fair! Not the same as a kid, but still. Ugh.