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Saturday, February 16


My toes are still cold. Maybe by tomorrow they will be thawed... Maybe. But it was well worth it! RHPB, Stinky and I made the trip up to Swampy Lakes Sno Park to watch the Ice Crit again this year. Where were you?!

The weather has been darn nice lately so we wondered how that would impact the race. All the ice and snow were gone from the pavement, so the organizers added some of their own. When we arrived they were busy digging snow off the "walls" and spreading it around the course. It looked iffy in some spots and downright dangerous in others.

Across from the finish line, a jump was erected with a fire pit in the middle. There were several small fires (in portable "pits") along the sidelines to keep spectators warm as well.

Not too long after the jump fire was lit, the race started. There were probably ten racers, and some of them wore costumes. The crowd cheered for all of them... and cheered louder when they made the jump!

In the end, of course awards were given for first, second, and third place finishes... but there were also trophies for "Best Wipeout" and "Best Costume".

It was a good time, and nice to see a little bit bigger crowd than last year. The good folks at Cog Wild seem to be stepping in to support this event so hopefully next year it will be even better!

Great job to all the racers... we are already looking forward to next year's event! If you want to see more pictures click here!

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Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Wow! These are super cool photos! Seems like they should be on posters or an album cover or something.