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Saturday, March 15


It's not exactly Spring here. It snowed again last night, and it's still below freezing almost every night. Scott has plans to play golf today, and I think he's nuts because the weather is still a bit "iffy". But this morning there is blue sky, and my yard is showing signs of waking up from a long winter's rest.

We have tulips:
Signs of Spring
Signs of Spring

And my new lilac bushes (planted last July) didn't die!
Signs of Spring


Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Lovely, lovely spring! I want to see pictures of those tulips when they're flowers, too.

Shannon said...

Lilacs! You mean I can have a lilac bush here? You must tell me what kind you got because I really need one.

I planted daffodils because we have deer in our neighborhood. Their little buds are coming up.

Little Things said...

I'm with Shannon. I love that I can have lilacs!! How exciting!!

Was that a rhodedendron bush I saw in your front yard, btw?? I meant to ask you last night!