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Saturday, April 26


Is it spring? If not, it sure feels like it!

Stellar's Jay

The birds have taken over our backyard, much to the delight of our cat. He seems to think that the dining room window is a "bird TV". He will sit on the sill for hours, chirruping and singing to the jays, robins, and other backyard visitors. He has no desire to actually go outside and chase them though. Thank goodness, he's way to fat and lazy for that!

We spent midday sitting in the sun, watching lacrosse at Mountain View High School. It was pretty easy to follow, and what a beautiful afternoon. It's a bit hazy to the west, due to the preventative burns. Other than that, it was very pleasant and warm. I can finally wear sandals outside again!


Tonight we (well, "we grownups"... the kids will be home with a sitter) are off to a birthday party. It's planned for somewhere with a deck, so we can spend more time outside.

I guess it's time to dig out the sunscreen!


dkgoodman said...

Our cat loves The Backyard Channel. He sits there and makes a chittering noise at all the little birds. You'd think a predator would want to stay silent. :)

Deby said...

Awesome picture of the bird. We have some permanent residents that must be their relatives. Very pretty. My cats sit in the windowsills and wish that the glass would disappear.