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Monday, April 21


I like flowers. Not necessarily the kind sent in a bouquet. Usually the kind that I can enjoy in my yard, and occasionally snip to bring inside. I wish these were from my garden, but they're not. I bought these at Trader Joe's (only $2.99 a bunch!) about a week ago. I think tulips are at their most interesting and beautiful just before they drop their petals, like these!


Yes, you read this right. It's still snowing in Bend. In April. Even for Bend, that's late for there to be snow in town. My poor tulips don't know what to do. Mine are only a few inches tall, and started to lose hope that they will ever bloom this year. One day, it's 60 degrees and spring-like outside. The next day (or two or three) it snows again. At this point, I don't dare hope that they will find it in their little flower souls to bloom this year. If I were them, I would be pissed too.

On the other hand, the lilac bushes still seem to be doing OK. They are somewhat sheltered, against the South side of the house. They are growing, spreading, and putting out new leaves. From what I have heard lilacs like a good, cold winter. I wonder how they like a good, cold spring?

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Melissa said...

$2.99! I've got to drive up there...