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Wednesday, April 9


Boo takes classes at a gymnastics facility up in Redmond. It's right up her alley... she's a bouncy, bendy little gal. Not like me, since I never could do the splits even during my younger and bendier days.

One of the best parts is between school and gymastics class we get to have a little "girls' time". There isn't enough time to come all the way home, we'd just have to turn around and come straight back. We usually go to a coffee shop but today Boo wanted pizza. So we went to Geno's.

I really like Geno's. It's probably my favorite pizza, period. (I haven't tried Paizano's yet, though... sorry Kina!) I wish they had a store in Bend. Instead, every once in a while the stars align and we make it to the one in Redmond. Yumm...

Boo's Pizza


Live on the Fly said...

Hot dang, I want that girl's freckles!

Deby said...

Could she get much cuter? Especially with that hat!

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Could she look anymore like her mom? For heaven's sake, when did you learn to clone?