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Friday, May 2


I have to be brutally honest right now, and share that I don't care for gin. At. All. My grandmother used to drink gin martinis and once she let me try a sip. It made up my mind that martinis are nasty, undrinkable concoctions.

And then one day I tried my first vodka martini. And then a lemon drop. And the downhill spiral continued. I like me some martinis now, often the "foofier" the better. Bend happens to have not one but two dedicated martini bars, and if I won the lottery I might buy my own stool in one of them. Or both.

Other establishments in town are cultivating a nice selection of martinis as well. My favorite restaurant, Zydeco, has a delightful Blueberry Lemon Drop. But now The Blacksmith appears to be taking things to the next level with a series of martini events. We had a wonderful meal there last year, so I am sure they will do a great job!

Thanks to Harold at ad HOC words + ideas for letting me know about this. Hmm... I wonder if they offer scholarships?

Great Gatsby! During May, the Blacksmith Restaurant + Bar + Lounge mixes up its Wednesday tastings with the swankiest of cocktails, the martini. Join the Blacksmith’s own intoxicologist, John Hansen in the Anvil Room this week for “Martinis of the ’20s,” a journey through the martini’s history, including John's antique shaker collection.

Here’s the line-up for May:
May 7: Martinis of the ’20s
May 14: Post-Prohibition Martinis
May 21: Disco Martinis
May 28: Modern Martinis

Martini tasters will be served cocktail party-style, with appetizers included. Price is $25 per person. Party starts at 5pm.

The Blacksmith Restaurant is nationally known for Chef Gavin McMichael's New Ranch Cuisine. A recent renovation includes a new lounge and full bar, designed in backlit alabaster. The Blacksmith is located in downtown Bend in the historic Pearson Blacksmith Building, 211 NW Greenwood Avenue. For reservations and info, visit or call 541-318-0588.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Simone Paddock/Emerald Bay Photography)

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