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Wednesday, June 18


From my good friend Chubby Mommy, for all of us geek girls in Central Oregon...
Cupcakes!Cupcakes in the Park
Many of us are liking Le Cakery on Galveston, but they don’t have anywhere to sit. How about we get some cupcakes and meet everyone at nearby Harmon Park? Not where the baseball fields are, but just a bit beyond the fields, near the footbridge by the river. There’s a lovely grassy area and picnic tables. We could brown bag it and either get a cupcake before you come, or order them from me and I’ll pick them up. They are $2.50 a cupcake, and if you don’t want to pick up your own, tell me your best kinds and I’ll try to get close, or we can pre order.

Whaddya think? Maybe around 12:00 noon?
What: WoTech Cupcakes in the Park
Where: Harmon Park (picnic area near the footbridge)
When: Thursday, June 19 at noon
Why: Because everyone likes picnics and cupcakes (right?!)

Hope to see you there!



Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Oh for heaven's sake, can we put a different picture up there? Let's take some better ones tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Chubby Mommy, aka Miss Julie

Deby said...

So sorry I couldn't go and meet you girls. Noon is nap time for my two little ones. Hopefully I can make the next one!

the minkz said...

Oh man I missed it. I am finally back to land of the living so perhaps next time!

Ed Bierman said...

Oh thank goodness we get to see Julie in action with the cupcakes.