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Friday, September 15


This must be our summer of great music...

Scott and I went to the Dick Dale show at the Domino Room in Bend last night. I think this was one of the most energetic and exciting concerts I have ever attended. My ears are still ringing - in a good way!

Even if you haven't heard of Dick Dale, you have probably heard his music.
* The opening track of Pulp Fiction... "Miserlou", by Dick Dale
* That cool new track from the Black Eyed Peas... sampled Dick Dale riffs
* The music blasting through the speakers as you ride Space Mountain at Disneyland... also by Dick Dale
* The surf guitar themes featured in the Annette & Frankie movies... yes those were also by Dick Dale

Yeup, the man has been around for a long, LONG time. But his talent has not faded over time - I suspect the music keeps him young at heart!

And what is up with "House of the Rising Sun" this summer? This is the third concert where we have heard it performed. All of the renditions have varied slightly... but it's still interesting that it's being replayed so frequently. Maybe it has something to do with Hurricane Katrina?

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