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Wednesday, April 9


It's been a rough spring, weather-wise. No... I am not necessarily complaining. And I am not surprised either. But after a "warm snap" in February caused us to cancel the ice skating portion of Boo's birthday party... you can definitely say the weather is keeping us on our toes.

And I am SO glad I haven't attempted to "put up" the winter clothes yet. Just to give you an idea of the roller-coaster ride we are on...

View from my office window on March 31, 2008:
The view from my office window

View from my office window on April 8, 2008:
April snow showers

In between the sporadic snow days, Scott is finding lots of opportunities to play golf. Since temperatures are supposed to reach the 60's and 70's by this weekend he already has a couple of tee times.

I am taking golf lessons in two weeks. Wanna take any bets on what they weather will be like by then? Yeah... me neither!


Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

Golf lessons? What? How are we going to play cocktail golf together if you're so good?

Jen said...

Oh, I think it will take waaay more than the three one-hour lessons to make me too good for cocktail golf! This is just a summer warm-up so hopefully all you other gals won't leave me too far behind! :)

minkz said...

Oh and I am missing the snow, how sad. But on the flipside it looks like I'll be home for the good weather this weekend!

Deby said...

As much as I do love the snow, my tulips would like a chance to finish coming up.

I wonder if I can actually put the snow shoes up now?